A little bonus for mastery members for may 2020

A little bonus for mastery members for may 2020

With restrictions easing, Photographers are returning to work. This means that families who have just introduced a addition. are again aloud to have newborn images taken. This also means that those families who have had their babies during lock down will be now seeking the closest to newborn images that they can.

These particular babies will be anywhere from newborn to 2 months old. If you are stuck, and not knowing how you can conduct a newborn/new baby session with our distance restrictions in place.

Natarsha March one of our mastery members educators. Has put together a little video to show you how she is doing just this. It is now available in the mastery members portal for members.  

Photographed here is 8 week old Stella. Photographed by Family Photography by Natarsha March

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