Mastery members education week

Mastery members education week

In June 2020, some of our Mastery Member educators came to the Belly Baby Wear Australia VIP Facebook group page with Education Week.

This was 5 days of free education to help inspire and motivate the VIP’s during our COVID pandemic.

We have recorded all videos and they are in the mastery members learning portal.. and easier way to find and follow along with the education pieces and LIVE videos that were recorded later that day.

Day 1 – Natarsha March – Let’s get started in adding video to your sessions

Day 2 – Emma Baker – Let’s talk Cake Smash sessions

Day 3 – Connie Lawson – Newborn workflow

Day 4 – Victoria Burcusel – Create connection with your clients and how to pose mum-to-be.

Day 5 – Mark Rosetto – Learn how to sell wall art, albums and boxes

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