Edit some wow factor into your maternity imagery with Victoria Burcusel of Lifetime Stories Photography

Edit some wow factor into your maternity imagery with Victoria Burcusel of Lifetime Stories Photography

It’s not hard to take a nice maternity photo. Firstly, you are working with adults so right off the bat you’ve got a cooperative participant which is a nice change to the toddlers and newborns you might usually be spending your days with. Oh the magic of asking a model to pose a certain way and them immediately doing it!

Maternity models are usually thrilled to embrace the chance to dress up, do their hair and makeup and be pampered after a few long months of elastic waisted pants and oversized shirts. It’s an exciting time in their lives and a maternity shoot is rarely something they have experienced before. Everyone is excited and counting down the days until their little one arrives. It’s a great vibe!

When it comes to your imagery, there are really only a handful of poses that work for maternity models and you might find that your sessions can get quite repetitive. That being said, this also has its pros and cons. There is no need to reinvent the wheel each session. Put together a great workflow, collect a variety of gowns, fabrics and outfits and let the magic happen each time.

But just how else can you get creative with maternity imagery?

The answer is, of course, with your editing!

This video with Victoria Burcusel of Lifestime Stories Photography walks you through exactly how to edit your maternity images to create a collection of stunning, wow factor captures that your clients will just adore!

Victoria helps you get your images right in camera first. It’s all about composing your photograph. How to place your model on the backdrop and setup your image with enough white space to allow for some creativity during the editing process.

She then walks you through the basics of backdrop extensions, cropping and transforming your images to get you started. It’s important to have these quick Photoshop techniques in your grab bag so that you can start your editing with the perfect canvas.

There are lots of little tricks and tips she shares with you to help you sort out areas of your backdrop that are missing, shadowy or wrinkled. We all know just how frustrating that can be!

Then it’s time to get arty!

There is so much you can do to take your maternity imagery from basic to beautiful.

Victoria is a huge fan of textures and overlays and she spends a lot of time working through this process with you. Selecting the correct texture to suit the lighting of your image is imperative! Then learning how to place it, use masking to paint on the areas that need more texture than others and layout the look to draw attention to your subject. It’s a bit of a fine art but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love the final design that you can achieve!

Victoria also talks you through some other techniques like when it does and doesn’t work to add a vignette and how to deal with bands, seams or creases in your fabric or paper backdrops. We all know just hard it can be to deal with these kinds of problems in post production so it’s great to see a professional at working dealing with all kinds of editing situations.

Have you ever wanted to know just how maternity photographers achieve that stunning ‘fabric butterfly’ effect? It’s easier than you think! Victoria will show you exactly what you need to create this show stopping look that will definitely be a standout in your gallery!

You will love seeing the before and after examples of Victoria’s images using these simple techniques. Perfect these quick maternity editing how-to’s, and you’ll be able to experiment with a whole range of new ideas in your own galleries. It’s time to add some wow to your maternity imagery. Go and have some fun!

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