Get creative with gowns and fabric in your next maternity session with Victoria Burcusel from Lifetime Stories Photography

Get creative with gowns and fabric in your next maternity session with Victoria Burcusel from Lifetime Stories Photography

If you need some help getting creative in your maternity sessions, you’ll love this lesson with Victoria Burcusel from Lifetime Stories Photography. Victoria is known for her stunning maternity portraiture using gowns and fabric and talks through a number of different ways to style your clients using a selection of outfits.

Victoria really is a creative thinker and you’ll be amazed at the hacks and tips she talks through during this lesson. She’ll help you step outside of your comfort zone and take risks with your imagery – simply by trying a few new skills. It’s amazing to see what she can do with a piece of chiffon and a wedding ring! Or a pair of scissors! No sewing skills required … all you’ll need is a mum-to-be and a vision.

Watch Victoria work through her maternity session and explain how she poses and lights her model to capture those gorgeous shadows and highlights. She talks in detail about how to use the light, discusses the most flattering angles and explains different positions to get the most variety from your time with your maternity client.

Victoria uses a collection of Belly Baby Wear gowns and teaches you some simple changes that you can make to use each dress in multiple ways. A simple tuck of fabric here and layering piece there and you have a whole new look with very little effort! This lesson really focuses on creative styling and will inspire you to try things you have probably never thought of!

It’s fantastic to watch Victoria and her positive energy making her client comfortable and relaxed. Learn how she directs her model to make changes with her face, hands and legs without being confusing or complicated! She covers all of the little details, right down to your model’s fingertips!

It’s great to see how she works with a variety of gowns and backdrop types to create her imagery. Fully edited images are shown throughout the video which gives you a full understanding of the look she is creating from beginning to end.

You can also download a PDF of her final images to use as your own little inspiration list for your next session!

Victoria’s Facebook live Q&A is a great follow up to her video. During this lesson, she takes the time to show you how to work with fabrics like tulle and chiffon with ease to make an incredible collection of outfits. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is!

There is also a great conversation about how to work with mums who are feeling self conscience during their maternity session. An issue we’re sure many of you have come across! She gives explicit details on how to put mums at ease who don’t feel comfortable having their skin showing and gives you some great tips on how to style for this using fabric.

This lesson really will inspire you to be brave with your maternity imagery and take risks. Victoria is a great motivator and speaks in detail about how to channel your creativity, move past those artistic blockers and where to find inspiration for your upcoming shoots – from Tik Tok to Ancient Greece and beyond!

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