Learn Skin Edits with Natarsha March from Family Photography by Natarsha March

Learn Skin Edits with Natarsha March from Family Photography by Natarsha March

In this lesson, Natarsha March from Family Photography by Natarsha March Photography sits down with us to talk all things newborn skin post processing.

It really is one of the most challenging aspects of newborn photography editing and is without a doubt the most time consuming.  But that being said, it is also one of the most wonderful and unique things we love about being a newborn photographer isn’t it! That every little person that visits our studios is different and no image is every truly the same.

Unfortunately, when it comes to presenting a fully edited, professional gallery of images to your client, tricky baby skin can make life a little complicated. Red skin, yellow skin, purple, grey, or all of the above and all at the same time! Not to forget that tricky phase of baby acne or peely skin.

If you’re keen to learn how to deal with these complications in your editing, Natarsha is certainly here to help! No need to rush out and buy expensive actions or skin smoothing plugins. All of her tips in this video use tools that you already have available to you.

Fist up, it’s not all about jumping straight into Photoshop. If you are shooting your images in RAW (if not, you might want to start – it will really help you in the long run!) then there are plenty of ways you can tweak your images before you even open them in Photoshop. Natarsha will talk you through how to make these small but effective adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge to sort out your white balance and noise reduction which will save you plenty of time in the editing process.

When it comes to intricate pixel work, Natarsha will show you how to get better accuracy, how to select the right tools and all of the tips of the trade to deal with every little baby blemish. Still deciding whether to edit with a mouse or a Wacom tablet? Natarsha shows you some of the benefits of using a Wacom for accuracy and works through her favourite time saver tips. She loves a good shortcut and so will you!

What about dealing with a jaundice or particularly yellow baby? Yes, Natarsha has that covered too. Learn how to work with masks and hue / saturation levels to make immediate improvements to your baby’s colour tone, without losing those super gorgeous details and texture. No fake plastic looking babies here! We loved her DIY skin smoothing tips too. A great alternative to spending hundreds on popular plugins and actions.

If you’re worried about hotspots or highlights on your newborn’s face, Natarsha has some simple steps to deal with those little imperfections as well.

Of course, it’s not just baby that might arrive at your studio with skin concerns. These tips can help all members of the family. It’s all about learning how to keep it real and make adjustments that are subtle but effective. This is particularly relevant when it comes to adjusting skin concerns in adults and Natarsha delicately works through her “’eye lift” procedure that helps a sleep deprived mama with an easy 2 step editing process.

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