keep your photography business moving when the next apocalypse hits

keep your photography business moving when the next apocalypse hits

So … 2020. Talk about a blindside hey! We can all agree that we didn’t see it coming and for most of us, our small businesses weren’t ready to deal with the changes we were forced to make thanks to Covid19.

It’s been a difficult and important lesson to learn, hasn’t it! That despite all of our best intentions and plans, life in business can be unpredictable and that we need to have systems in place moving forward to make sure that we can survive when the next apocalypse hits.

For many of you, the studio doors have re-opened and work is slowly returning. For others, it’s a longer process. No matter your circumstances, we’ve all been looking at our business models and wondering what we can do to keep things moving.

When work can’t continue as we had hoped or planned, it’s time to pivot!

What else can you do to use your skills to make money, improve your existing business, appeal to new clients or prepare for the future?

This 4 part series of videos will give you the inspiration and encouragement that you need to make some changes to your business during this unprecedented time. It’s time to think outside of the box. Turn lemons into lemonade. Close one door and open another. There are plenty of cliches and motivational memes out there that remind us of exactly this. Life doesn’t always go to plan, everything is impermanent (thank you Buddha) and small business life certainly isn’t immune.

But there are plenty of things you can do.

Start with this series of videos from industry experts and success stories and see if something speaks to you.

Let’s take those lemons … and ask for salt and tequila instead!


You will love this interview with Sydney photographer Sophie B Photography as she talks all about her lightbulb idea that introduced a whole new income stream to her business and supported her community during Covid 19!

After 10+ years as a portrait and wedding photographer, Sophie merged into corporate work and saw a huge opportunity to support small businesses in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire with her photography skills. This fantastic business idea is a template that could be reproduced in your suburb or town and might just be a new way for you to expand your services.

Watch this video and listen to Sophie explain her venture – Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business.

Find out exactly how she connected with hundreds of companies in her area, how she marketed the concept and what it has brought to her photography business.


Mastery Members teacher Natarsha March from Brisbane helps inspire you to get on top of your to-do list in the quiet times. Natarsha is a marketing guru and knows exactly what it takes to make sure that her business is operating successfully at all times – even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic!

Natarsha talks about your brand and gives you ideas to work on during any quiet periods you may encounter … from rebranding to logo development, colours, website tips and more.

It’s all about the small steps and little wins that combine to keep your business growing, even when times are tough!


Got some spare time on your hands this year? Don’t just binge watch 3 series of Queen of the South on Netflix (although, it is fab!). Victoria Burcusel is here to help inspire you to get creative!

It’s time to flashback to your childhood. Connect to your creativity and draw upon those skills that you learned many moons ago. You’ve still got it, we promise! It’s time to reignite your inner child and get crafty.

This video isn’t just about having fun (although that is an added bonus!). Victoria has some great ideas to help you set up a passive or additional income, save money and create the things you’ll need when your studio is busy again! We’re talking hand painted canvases, producing backdrops to sell to vendors, prop making, editing and more.

You’ll love experimenting with her ideas and seeing where they take you!



You have so many photographs in your personal collection, surely there is something else you can do with them to produce an income when times are tough?

Natalie walks you from beginning to end through her experience selling images as jigsaw puzzle products in her local community. It’s a fantastic new product line that you can consider adding to your offerings – no matter your genre!

Natalie explains exactly how and where she produces her puzzles here in Australia, how she markets them and what other businesses she has joined forces with to help get these gorgeous products out into the community!

She also spends time walking you though her online sales system and gives away some fantastic tips to snag yourself a free online store to get your products moving!

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