Family beach maternity session with Connie Lawson

Family beach maternity session with Connie Lawson

If you’re a portrait photographer and are lucky enough to live near the beach, adding outdoor sunset maternity sessions in this stunning location is an absolute must! There really is no better backdrop for these very special sessions. It can get a little challenging coming up with enough variety from an in studio maternity session, but this definitely won’t be the case when you head to the beach! 

This absolutely gorgeous event hosted by Connie Lawson from Connie’s Magic Moments on the Gold Coast will open your eyes to the amazing possibilities you can create at a beach maternity session. From the greenery to the sand dunes. Rock formations, along the waters edge and of course, the sunset. Your clients will take home a beautiful gallery with so many options, they’ll find it impossible to choose!

What is extra special about this session is that models Bec and Ben are already the proud parents of adorable one year old Krystal! Yes, this is a maternity session for the whole family and you’ll absolutely love watching Connie create some special moments between this cute little toddler, her parents and soon-to-be sibling.

Shooting at the beach can be complex. There is a lot to take into account and Connie talks through all of the things to consider before booking a beach maternity session – particularly when there is a little person and pregnant mum involved! She talks through weather options, tide considerations, wind speeds and more. It so important that you have a good understanding of these indicators so that you can make good decisions about your upcoming session. 

When you’re shooting at the beach, you really are tested when it comes to time! Connie walks you thought the very best hours to work and discusses her session timeline from beginning to end. You’ll be able to watch the whole event take place over a short period of time. It can get a little frantic and the pace is fast so learning how to plan for your session first is a must! 

Learning to work with the light at the beach and adjusting your camera to suit the setting sun is one of the greatest challenges of beach photography. Connie talks you through the very best camera settings to work with to deal with the busy beach location, moving water, busy toddlers and of course, the sunset. Shutter speed and ISO specifics are discussed in detail from the beginning of the session when the sun is high, right through to the beautiful blue hour.

When it come to posing and setup options, you really are spoiled for choice in this video! Connie talks through every setup in detail and discusses how to get the very best and most flattering angles from your models. Hand placement, leg movement, chins, heads, and baby bellies. Every little detail helps to create a stunning image from head to toe. Connie also discusses some of the amazing ways you can use fabrics and gowns in your images. The combination of gorgeous outfits, your model and the setting sunset sky of the beach really is magnificent.

Preparation and communication with your clients is key. It can get complicated at the beach when your clients are a long distance away and the sound of the roaring ocean makes it hard to explain what you want from your models. Outfit changes on the run in front of a crowd of onlookers can be a little confronting for some people too. Connie talks through how to create a trusting and open relationship with your maternity mum from the very beginning so that your session runs seamlessly.

So just how do you capture those epic skies? There’s a few tricks up her sleeve here too. Working out how to take the right photos in camera is crucial but learning some cheats that will help you in post production is also important. 

The final images from this session will absolutely blow you away! And with help from Connie, you can create them for your clients too!

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