Boho maternity photography with Victoria Burcusel

Boho maternity photography with Victoria Burcusel

Learning how to take incredible outdoor maternity imagery is such an important part of your portrait photography skillset. It can also be one of the most challenging genres to master! The changes in light, location and environment during any outdoor session adds a lot of complexity compared to indoor studio work. When you add a heavily pregnant mother into the mix, there are certain things you must know to make sure the session runs smoothly!

This week, we’re watching the super talented Victoria Burcusel from Lifetime Stories Photography in action in a sunset maternity session in the forests of Brisbane. Shooting in a gorgeous green space such as the one Victoria shares with you also comes with a list of must dos (and don’ts!) and you’ll feel much better prepared after watching her talk through everything she does to best prepare for a session such as this.

Time is of the essence when you’re working outdoors as the sun is setting! It’s also the case when working with a maternity client as they can tire easily and find some movements more difficult. It’s great to watch Victoria’s workflow during this session which shows you exactly how she maximises her time while still ensuring that she captures an incredibly varied gallery.

If you’re wondering how best to pose and style your sessions, Victoria has you covered! It’s wonderful watching her interact with her client and discuss in great detail how to move her body for the most flattering angles. The changes can be quite subtle and Victoria works through a number of small adjustments to create images that are beautiful and unique every time.

Thinking about your camera settings during an outdoor session can be stressful! As the sun lowers behind the trees, light changes dramatically and Victoria discusses exactly what is happening at every stage during this session. She also discusses lens selections, camera bodies and focal lengths to achieve the different looks she is going for during the shoot.

Accessorising in maternity photography is a lot of fun! There are so many gorgeous gowns and dresses to choose from and Victoria shows you a number of beautiful pieces during this video. She also discusses the pros and cons of each depending on the size of your model, your environment and then how to integrate them into your newborn gallery for a cohesive feel.

Light is certainly a huge factor in outdoor maternity photography. How to shoot into it, away from it, beside it, with and without it. There are so many variables and looks that you can achieve with the right camera angles and model placement. In this session, it is all about variety and Victoria shows you how to take advantage of all light situations to capture images that your client will adore.

So how do you integrate maternity photography into your business? How many images should you offer? How could you combine them with newborn images? What do you do when dad and older siblings want to be involved? There is a lot to consider and Victoria takes the time at the end of the video to discuss her processes in depth. It’s interesting to hear how her business has developed over time and she passes on some great advice in this area.

We’re sure you will enjoy watching this bubbly and engaging photographer at work and will love seeing the final results of this spectacular session! Take special note of how she helps her model in perfectly white sand shoes cross a muddy creek with ease! If that’s not great customer service, we don’t know what is!

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