Outdoor family photography with Natarsha March

Outdoor family photography with Natarsha March

Understanding how to shoot to sell at your family session is such an important part of running a photography business.

Family sessions are a fantastic cash cow product for your business because if you provide a great service, these clients will return to you every few years to update their images. The sessions are also often very quick, can be easier to edit and a lot of the time involve product sales which can boost your bottom line.

Tune into this video to follow Natarsha March from Family Photography by Natarsha March in Brisbane Queensland as she photographs a family of five  with 3 primary schoolers from beginning to end. Natarsha is a fantastic businesswoman who understands how to provide her clients with a quality service and final product, all while making sure that she is working efficiently and in a way that supports her own lifestyle and family needs.

It isn’t always about recreating the wheel, particularly in a family session. There is a very specific formula that you can follow to make sure that you capture all of the best selling images that we all know that people want to buy from their family session. It’s a lot easier to predict than other genres like newborns and maternity. When people book for a family session, we all know that they want the money shot of the entire family, certain combinations of different family members together, individual shots and siblings. Some candid, some posed. If you know what you’re doing before you start, the sales process at the end of the session will be a whole lot easier.

Natarsha shoots in her own private gardens but it doesn’t matter where your location is, the fundamental skills are the same. She talks through exactly how she shoots at different times of the day and how you don’t always have to be working in that perfect golden light to get the images that you want. Natarsha pays particular attention to the ages of her clients and adjusts her session to suit – particularly given that she holds her sales session directly after the photos have finished.

So just how do you interact with clients to get those beautiful, candid but well positioned photos that people love? There’s a lot of tips in this video that you will love and it’s not rocket science. But understanding and learning how to get your clients laughing, relaxed, and the children involved is crucial. It’s also great to watch how Natarsha keeps the session moving. With young children involved, a quick game is a good game but you’ll be amazed at how much she achieves in such a short period of time.

If you’re interested in camera gear specifications and settings, Natarsha goes through all of this in detail. She has some great gear tips for those who are considering adding family sessions to their product offering and talks through all of her favourite lenses and what she uses to get those beautiful, dreamy, light filled images.

The great thing about getting it right in camera is that you will save yourself hours and hours of editing at the end of the session. Natarsha explains exactly why she shoots where she does to create a cohesive album that only makes the ordering experience easier for clients, but also saves her a lot of time in post production.

You can also watch her bonus eight minute editing video in this module to see exactly how she does it!

Along the way Natarsha gives you lots of tips to help streamline the session, create beautiful images and how to build a trusting and positive relationship with her clients that will continue for years to come. You’ll love seeing the final images from this gorgeous family sessions!

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